Unforeseen Circumstances

Where Goals and Life Collide About six years ago, I had a great plan for my life.  Lots of goals, big dreams for my work life, and everything was on track.  I thought.  What actually happened in the… Read More

Vision Gone Wrong: Volume 2

Too Short & Not Sweet If your best friend came up to you and exclaimed, “I had an amazing vision yesterday!”  Would you be interested?  Considering this is pretty rare, I definitely would be drawn into the conversation…. Read More

Vision Gone Wrong: Volume 1

Automotive Vision is Out of Gas I’ll lead off with a disclaimer: building a Fortune 500 enterprise is an incredible achievement no matter how you slice it.  These companies have had extraordinary visionaries at the helm for a… Read More

A New Vision for Vision

Rethinking a Positive View of the Future What does it mean to have a vision?  For the moment, let’s set aside all answers that involve hallucinogenic substances (uh… drugs). I never even considered this question until I was… Read More