Where Goals and Life Collide

About six years ago, I had a great plan for my life.  Lots of goals, big dreams for my work life, and everything was on track.  I thought.  What actually happened in the year that followed was nothing like what I had dreamed.  I had what seemed like an incredible vision for my future, but I learned quickly that not everything on my roadmap was under my control.  Fast forward to 2019, and I am facing a similar situation where one key goal is now completely derailed by things I could have never seen coming.

This is exactly why I should never bother setting goals in the first place!  After all, we can’t control the future.  Right?

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Goal-Setting from the Soul

There must be at least a million different goals that I could set for 2019.  I doubt that I’m patient enough to come up with all of those ideas, but with some help from everyone out there I’m sure a list that big is possible.  What an amazing, big world we live in!  How is it possible to narrow the list?  What’s the point of trying to pick just a few things out of those million possibilities?

What am I really going after?

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An Incredible Lesson in Vocation

Most of us have jobs.  That’s a good thing.  The problem is that most of us would say our companies just don’t care about anything other than making money.  You know the answer to the age old question, “What is the purpose of a corporation?”  Return shareholder value, right?  Most workers just want to get paid.  Cogs in a machine.

What if our work was about something more?  What if that pull on your heartstrings for something that is actually fulfilling is there for a reason?  What would it look like to have meaningful work?

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Too Short & Not Sweet

If your best friend came up to you and exclaimed, “I had an amazing vision yesterday!”  Would you be interested?  Considering this is pretty rare, I definitely would be drawn into the conversation.

“Tell me more!” you reply,  leaning on the edge of your seat, making sure to capture every word.

Your friend says, “I had a vision of delivering happiness to customers!”  Then they walk away.

In stunned silence, you stand up and shrug your shoulders.  “That’s it?”

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Automotive Vision is Out of Gas

I’ll lead off with a disclaimer: building a Fortune 500 enterprise is an incredible achievement no matter how you slice it.  These companies have had extraordinary visionaries at the helm for a long time or they never would have made it to their current size and scale.  So while I am going to share an opinion about the value of their current vision statements, it goes without saying that they have accomplished something most (probably all) of us can barely imagine.

That being true, the vision of this global automotive leader is brutal.

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Rethinking a Positive View of the Future

What does it mean to have a vision?  For the moment, let’s set aside all answers that involve hallucinogenic substances (uh… drugs).

I never even considered this question until I was out of college.  My first exposure to vision was when I got my first job and sure enough, on the wall and in my on-boarding documents, was the “corporate vision” in all its splendor.  This one sentence vision statement anchored in my mind what it meant to have a vision.  A Fortune 200 company surely knows what it’s doing when it comes to vision!

I believe now that I could not have been more wrong.  Vision, real inspiration about a positive future, is so much more than I had ever seen in business before.

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