One Ingredient we Should All Use in Abundance

Some of you made your way to this blog looking for advice on how to take your life to the next level.  Awesome.  I’m in the same boat, always seeking the best knowledge and the proven techniques for leveling up.  Well, the deep insights of life are often the simplest things.  This is one of those surprises.  There is one thing we can all do that changes our results.

Be more enthusiastic about life!

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One Thought Changes Everything

If there is one quality that consistently makes a difference in performance, it is your level of self-confidence.  Leadership literature is filled with this truth cover to cover.  You may have examples in your own life where confidence was the difference maker.  As every golfer knows well, if you approach that three-foot putt with confidence, it falls right into the cup.  Walk up with anxiety you may miss…

You usually do.

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