One Thought Changes Everything

If there is one quality that consistently makes a difference in performance, it is your level of self-confidence.  Leadership literature is filled with this truth cover to cover.  You may have examples in your own life where confidence was the difference maker.  As every golfer knows well, if you approach that three-foot putt with confidence, it falls right into the cup.  Walk up with anxiety you may miss…

You usually do.

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Systems Drive the Winner’s Mind

What separates the winners from the losers?  Maybe there is a better question, given my belief on the importance of identity and avoiding shame (thank you Brene Brown).  What separates people who consistently win from those who consistently lose?  I recently read the book “Confidence” by Rosabeth Moss Kanter, which covers this topic in extraordinary detail.  I highly recommend it.

Good news.  Everything we have been talking about, the importance of systems, is one of the most important attributes of winning streaks.

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How to Turn Strangers into High Performing Teams in 15 Minutes

I have read a lot of books on teamwork.  In my career I’ve attended many team building events and “high performing teams” training.  I’ve interviewed dozens of potential hires and asked them questions targeting their ability to work and perform in teams.  Everybody knows that teamwork is critical to success in business.  Everybody also knows that there is a LOT of room for improvement.  Being a manager would be easy if it weren’t for the people, right?

Building a great team takes time.  High performing teams are rare.  You’ll never have a world-class team until you fire the bad apples.  Right?

I think that may all be wrong.  Any skepticism I had about the ability of total strangers to become a high performing team, literally in minutes, completely changed last weekend.

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Living in the Present

The original vision for this website and blog was to share the impact of systems and process in your life and business.  I’m still totally convinced in the value of that knowledge and the actions that flow from it.  That said, recently I’ve been exploring a question.  What is the aim?  Why should I spend energy developing systems in my life?

In the end, I don’t actually believe that the quality of the systems in my life is what will make it worth living.  My relationship with God and the people around me, love, is far more important.  Interesting… so why bother with the whole “freedom in process” thing?

I think that art has some answers.

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Your Smile is Important

There are many authors, including some of my favorites in the Bible, who discuss the value of gratitude to our spirits.  I agree.  The habit of starting my day with gratitude has been hugely profitable to my entire person.  Because I’ve been doing it for quite a while, sometimes I forget to notice what a difference it makes.  But yesterday something simple happened that reminded me just how important your smile, and the spirit of gratitude that comes with it, really is.

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My Addiction to Input

In 2018 I started fasting.  I’ve been reading about the benefits for the body over the past couple years.  Not to mention the spiritual focus on fasting in the Bible.  Every quarter now I plan a three-day fast from all food.  The first one was pretty rough, I’ll be honest. But the second one was much easier. For the third, I had a great idea.

How about I fast from EVERY input?

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Powerful Morning Routines

My last post was about habits in my life that made a far bigger difference than I could have imagined.  It inspired me to write about the NUMBER ONE habit in my life.  Without question, from a return on time investment, my morning routine wins the habit prize for making every day great.

Let me break it down for you.

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Metaphors from Mother Nature

This morning I read something that inspired me instantly.  Have you ever had one of those moments?  You hear, see, or read something for the first time and it resonates so completely you never forget it.  I had one of those this morning.

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Searching for Leopards in Life & Business

I recently listened to a podcast featuring Boyd Varty, centered around his lifetime experience as a tracker.  The host, Patrick O’Shaughnessy, introduces him as the most unique guest to date on the show.  “Boyd… grew up in the South African Bush, living among and tracking wild leopards.  The main theme of our conversation is tracking, and how the same strategy for pursuing animals in the wild can be applied to all aspects of our lives.”

It was easily in the top 5 most enjoyable podcast episodes I’ve ever listened to.

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The Glory Days of “Restructuring” are Over

You know the following scene.  Last year’s company results missed the plan.  Last quarter’s results were downright ugly.  Rumors fly as the CEO tells the “Street” that cost cutting measures will be taken to right the ship.

Then it happens.  On an unsuspecting Monday morning, everyone is escorted into the HR office, one by one.  Some walk out with new jobs, and others walk out the front door with a box of their stuff.  The lucky ones keep their jobs.

Here is your warning, business leaders.

Your next downsizing may be your last.

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