Getting wisdom is the wisest thing you can do! (Proverbs 4:7 NLT)

Expanding My Capacity for Delight

We are all out there in the world trying to get something, get somewhere.  Once our basic needs are met, Maslow tells us, we move on to the higher levels of self-actualization.  Sheesh.  How come everything in personal development is such big words?

A lot of people I talk to say they want to be successful.  That makes sense.  Of course, the next question is obvious.  What is success?  How do you define it?  Most of my experiences with this question involve small groups of strangers at a conference, writing answers on a flip-chart.  No real growth in life can occur without a flip-chart and marker. Or for me, the more powerful option, a whiteboard.

So what is success?  Come on Zach, out with the secret…

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Living in the Present

The original vision for this website and blog was to share the impact of systems and process in your life and business.  I’m still totally convinced in the value of that knowledge and the actions that flow from it.  That said, recently I’ve been exploring a question.  What is the aim?  Why should I spend energy developing systems in my life?

In the end, I don’t actually believe that the quality of the systems in my life is what will make it worth living.  My relationship with God and the people around me, love, is far more important.  Interesting… so why bother with the whole “freedom in process” thing?

I think that art has some answers.

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Your Smile is Important

There are many authors, including some of my favorites in the Bible, who discuss the value of gratitude to our spirits.  I agree.  The habit of starting my day with gratitude has been hugely profitable to my entire person.  Because I’ve been doing it for quite a while, sometimes I forget to notice what a difference it makes.  But yesterday something simple happened that reminded me just how important your smile, and the spirit of gratitude that comes with it, really is.

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My Addiction to Input

In 2018 I started fasting.  I’ve been reading about the benefits for the body over the past couple years.  Not to mention the spiritual focus on fasting in the Bible.  Every quarter now I plan a three-day fast from all food.  The first one was pretty rough, I’ll be honest. But the second one was much easier. For the third, I had a great idea.

How about I fast from EVERY input?

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Too Short & Not Sweet

If your best friend came up to you and exclaimed, “I had an amazing vision yesterday!”  Would you be interested?  Considering this is pretty rare, I definitely would be drawn into the conversation.

“Tell me more!” you reply,  leaning on the edge of your seat, making sure to capture every word.

Your friend says, “I had a vision of delivering happiness to customers!”  Then they walk away.

In stunned silence, you stand up and shrug your shoulders.  “That’s it?”

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Automotive Vision is Out of Gas

I’ll lead off with a disclaimer: building a Fortune 500 enterprise is an incredible achievement no matter how you slice it.  These companies have had extraordinary visionaries at the helm for a long time or they never would have made it to their current size and scale.  So while I am going to share an opinion about the value of their current vision statements, it goes without saying that they have accomplished something most (probably all) of us can barely imagine.

That being true, the vision of this global automotive leader is brutal.

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Rethinking a Positive View of the Future

What does it mean to have a vision?  For the moment, let’s set aside all answers that involve hallucinogenic substances (uh… drugs).

I never even considered this question until I was out of college.  My first exposure to vision was when I got my first job and sure enough, on the wall and in my on-boarding documents, was the “corporate vision” in all its splendor.  This one sentence vision statement anchored in my mind what it meant to have a vision.  A Fortune 200 company surely knows what it’s doing when it comes to vision!

I believe now that I could not have been more wrong.  Vision, real inspiration about a positive future, is so much more than I had ever seen in business before.

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Certainly Uncertain Life

There are some people who are wired for adventure.  It comes naturally and without hesitation to make decisions which thrust them into the unknown.  They seem to live for the moment, and believe that somehow it will all work out in the end. The path of their life is a winding river with the occasional transition that nobody can really explain.

I am not really one of those people.

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Powerful Morning Routines

My last post was about habits in my life that made a far bigger difference than I could have imagined.  It inspired me to write about the NUMBER ONE habit in my life.  Without question, from a return on time investment, my morning routine wins the habit prize for making every day great.

Let me break it down for you.

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It’s better to give than to receive

There are a few small habits that have returned more value in my life than I ever imagined possible.  Small habits of gratitude have taken center stage in that arena. Recently, it has been resurrecting the “Thank You” note.

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Metaphors from Mother Nature

This morning I read something that inspired me instantly.  Have you ever had one of those moments?  You hear, see, or read something for the first time and it resonates so completely you never forget it.  I had one of those this morning.

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Searching for Leopards in Life & Business

I recently listened to a podcast featuring Boyd Varty, centered around his lifetime experience as a tracker.  The host, Patrick O’Shaughnessy, introduces him as the most unique guest to date on the show.  “Boyd… grew up in the South African Bush, living among and tracking wild leopards.  The main theme of our conversation is tracking, and how the same strategy for pursuing animals in the wild can be applied to all aspects of our lives.”

It was easily in the top 5 most enjoyable podcast episodes I’ve ever listened to.

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