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the Coach.

“I am an oasis along life’s journey that gives you COURAGE to walk on.”

That is my mission statement for life.  It crystallized for me when I was 26 years old and working with a coach of my own.  I have always been drawn to the importance of encouragement.  Think about that word for a moment.  It paints a beautiful picture of placing courage into another person, so they will take their next step.

It’s really that simple.  What separates successful people from the average is not what they CAN do, it’s what they WILL do.  As I coach it brings me great joy to help people discover what they really want, and to have the courage to do whatever it takes to make it happen.

Then we establish the PROCESSES in your life or business which make success automatic, giving you FREEDOM.  This is the X-Factor.  Freedom in Process.

I don’t want to bore you with my career stuff… you can find me on LinkedIn.  What you won’t find, though, is how my passion for continuous learning has changed my life.  Reading and mentors are so important.  What has made me a great coach is not only my career and experiences, it’s the hundreds of books I’ve read and applied.  It’s the amazing mentors I have had the pleasure to learn from and continue to learn from every single day.

GREAT NEWS!  I recently founded a high performance coaching services company called OACO, inspired from my mission statement “Oasis of Courage” metaphor.  Stay tuned for the new website, and exciting updates to the coaching journey for theZachWhite.  This website will stick around for muse blogging and to keep everyone up to date on adventures in business & life.

Follow the Facebook Page if you want to catch a regular drip of learning and ideas I’m chewing on.

The Blog.

Finding my authentic voice through writing, and the courage to share it with the world.

Two voices led me to begin blogging (I need to publish more often!).  First was Seth Godin.  I heard Seth on a podcast say this about blogging (I added the bold bits):

“I’m encouraging each one of you to have (a blog).  Not to have a blog to make money, because you probably won’t.  Not to have a blog, because you’ll have millions and millions of readers, because you probably won’t.  But to have a blog because of the discipline it gives you, to know that you’re going to write something tomorrow. Something that might not be read by many people—it doesn’t matter—it will be read by you.  If you can build that up, you will begin to think more clearly.  You will make predictions.  You will make assertions.  You will make connections.  And there they will be, in type, for you to look at a month or a year later.  This practice of sharing your ideas to people who will then choose or not choose to share them helps us get out of our own head, because it’s no longer the narrative inside.  It’s the narrative outside, the narrative that you’ve typed up, that you’ve cared enough to share.”

The second voice was Brenda Ueland.  My business hero Ari Weinzweig introduced me to Brenda’s book, “If You Want to Write.”  In it you’ll find the following encouragement:

“I tell you all this because I hope to prove to you the importance of your working at writing, at some creative thing that you care about and that you feel for and that you will persist in.  And not only for the next few weeks!  I want you to do it for years to come, for the rest of your life!  We have come to think that duty should come first.  I disagree.  Duty should be a by-product.  Writing, the creative effort, the use of the imagination, should come first – at least for some part of every day of your life.  It is a wonderful blessing if you will use it.  You will be happier, more enlightened, alive, impassioned, lighthearted, and generous to everybody else.  Even your health will improve.  Colds will disappear and all the other ailments of discouragement and boredom.”

So here it is.  My writing.  Not every day, but still a creative effort I truly care enough to share.  One day, I hope the musings on these pages will become the seed of a book and legacy I can leave that may help one of you along your journey.

Check out the blog and start journeying with me.  Ready for growth, ready for more, ready NOW.

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  1. Zach, I am so proud of you. I am still working on the assignment you gave me on my birthday. Slow I may be, but I’m not giving up. I didn’t say it that day, but turning sentences from a negative to a positive thought has always been difficult. In fact, I usually give up. I am persisting in this one and have 2 of them turned around and as a result I am finding that I am thinking and aware of the fact that I am now learning to categorize my actions for the day into what’s important and urgent and let the lesser things go until later and I have more peace about it. I speak out loud to the situation and that helps me too.
    I will finish the assignment and, if you are open to it, I will share what I have gotten.
    You keep blogging. I am listening and learning. I really feel I am on an elementary level when it comes to thinking, but Papa told me last year that He is my Intelligentsia. So, that is how I am pressing into your steps of action for me. I am dependent upon Him for understanding and the ability to respond to those given steps of action.
    You are amazing!

  2. I am a young professional and Zach has been coaching me for the past few years. He has been instrumental in guiding me through the personal growth that I needed to make the jump to the next level, and ultimately a promotion! Zach has taught me how to create a focus to my life that wasn’t there before. I now have a life mission statement that guides my decisions and a routine that allows me to prioritize, remove clutter, re-energize, and be a more effective, positive leader daily. I cannot thank Zach enough for all his coaching and support!

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