The Secret Sauce of Achievement

One Ingredient we Should All Use in Abundance

Some of you made your way to this blog looking for advice on how to take your life to the next level.  Awesome.  I’m in the same boat, always seeking the best knowledge and the proven techniques for leveling up.  Well, the deep insights of life are often the simplest things.  This is one of those surprises.  There is one thing we can all do that changes our results.

Be more enthusiastic about life!

Enthusiasm actually matters!  Yeah, it’s not automatic, and it’s not optional.  People who don’t generate any enthusiasm for their life and their work are missing out on the juice of living.  When you approach your work with a spirit of enthusiasm, it hardly feels like work at all.  Enthusiasm is a force you create with your mind, and brings real enduring energy to your body.

Living with enthusiasm is the most simple way to develop a pleasing personality which gives you power to influence others.  Want to become a master salesman?  Enthusiasm. Want to get that promotion at work?  Enthusiasm.  Want to start a successful business? Enthusiasm.

Don’t believe me?  Enthusiasm is listed as one of the “Laws of Success” by author Napoleon Hill.  That is enough to give this serious consideration.  Let’s just say he has sold a lot more books than me.  If you don’t know him, Google.

“Yes, enthusiasm is a vital force; so vital, in fact, that no man who has it highly developed can begin even to approximate his power of achievement.”  (Napoleon Hill)

Did you hear that?  Read it again.  If you have a highly developed spirit of enthusiasm, you are not even aware of the incredible power of achievement available to you!  That’s the secret sauce.  That’s the power.  And what do you have to do to get it?  Bring the enthusiasm.

Here’s the best part: there is no downside!  People who live this way are happier, more fulfilled, and enjoying more success in every area of life.  Enthusiasm is also contagious. That means the atmosphere around you will be lifted to a higher level.  People are immediately triggered by the tone of your voice and the spring in your step when enthusiasm is overflowing from your soul.

I want you to hear this!  If you wake up in the morning, and clothe yourself with enthusiasm for the day ahead, you will enjoy better results.  You will manifest success at work where you had previously been stuck.  You will see your marriage and close relationships improve.  People around you will take notice.  Attract the people and dreams into your life that you are seeking by beginning with enthusiasm!

“If a man goes about the affairs of life in the same day-in and day-out, prosaic, lackadaisical spirit, devoid of enthusiasm, he is doomed to failure.  Nothing can save him until he changes his attitude and learns how to stimulate his mind and body to unusual heights of enthusiasm AT WILL!”  (Napoleon Hill)

Don’t know how to live this way?  If you feel like this makes sense, but you don’t have the strategies for how to nurture enthusiasm in your life, it’s time for a life coach.  Having a great coach can help you find the stimuli in your life that will produce enduring enthusiasm.

Feeling enthusiastic right now?  YES!  Bring it every day, and let it spread like wildfire.

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