Vision Gone Wrong: Volume 2

Too Short & Not Sweet If your best friend came up to you and exclaimed, “I had an amazing vision yesterday!”  Would you be interested?  Considering this is pretty rare, I definitely would be drawn into the conversation…. Read More

Vision Gone Wrong: Volume 1

Automotive Vision is Out of Gas I’ll lead off with a disclaimer: building a Fortune 500 enterprise is an incredible achievement no matter how you slice it.  These companies have had extraordinary visionaries at the helm for a… Read More

A New Vision for Vision

Rethinking a Positive View of the Future What does it mean to have a vision?  For the moment, let’s set aside all answers that involve hallucinogenic substances (uh… drugs). I never even considered this question until I was… Read More

Adventurous Comfort

Certainly Uncertain Life There are some people who are wired for adventure.  It comes naturally and without hesitation to make decisions which thrust them into the unknown.  They seem to live for the moment, and believe that somehow… Read More

Rebooting the System

Powerful Morning Routines My last post was about habits in my life that made a far bigger difference than I could have imagined.  It inspired me to write about the NUMBER ONE habit in my life.  Without question,… Read More

Thank You Notes

It’s better to give than to receive There are a few small habits that have returned more value in my life than I ever imagined possible.  Small habits of gratitude have taken center stage in that arena. Recently,… Read More